Built Up Electrical & Machinery Works


BUILTUP ELECTRICAL AND MACHINERY WORKS has been an established company sinced 2007. BUILTUP ELECTRICAL AND MACHINERY WORKS has wide range of experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling rotating equipment and diversify from just electrical engineering work to repair, reclamation and refurbishment work for various types of AC Motor and so on, repair and rewind of all types of electric motors. We are always provide a good service and solution for rapid repair performance which will ease the market needs.

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Reliability, quality and good service

Built-Up-Electrical-and-Machinery-Works-AC Motor
AC Motor Supply - Three Phase and Single Phase Squirrel
Submersible Pump - Supply, Servicing and Repairing
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About our Vision and Mission

builtup electrical rewind motor- AC motor-Submersible Pump

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the leading high quality products with servicing and repairing across various industries.
  • Enhancing value and maintaining long-term sustainable growth in our core businesses.
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